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A step by step plan to get you that vacation of your dreams!

Here at Dream It, Book It we take into consideration your budget and desires for you vacation. We find hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, even tours/excursions while on your trip. 

We book solo vacations, girls trips, guys trips, honeymoons, couple trips, family vacations, destination weddings, even Groups!

We Even Provide Affordable Payment Plans

Simple payment plans.

Clear, transparent, flexible terms let you choose the pay-over-time plan that works best for your budget.


No fees – none. No late fees. No pre-payment penalties. No confusing math. Just a refreshingly surprise-free way to make thoughtful purchases now and pay later.

Curious about Disney and don't know where to start?!?

I've created a mini-Disney site that will give you an idea of packages, parks, tickets, cruises, just all-around Disney information! Request your Disney Quote today!


We’re on a mission to create an Epic Sea Change for All with our crew, the partners we love, our Sailors who leave transformed for the better, and communities, oceans and environments that are truly cared for. 

Here you can "Self-book a cruise with Virgin Voyages with my agent extended website!

Meet Your Agent!!
Margresher Linder

 I've always believed that life is one big journey, and what better way to make it unforgettable than through travel! With a passion for exploring new places and a love for curating personalized experiences, I've dedicated myself to turning your travel dreams into reality.

My Expertise: As your travel agent, I bring experience in crafting seamless itineraries, whether you're seeking a relaxing beach getaway, a cultural expedition, or an adrenaline-pumping adventure. My goal is to make each trip uniquely yours, filled with moments that leave you with lifelong memories.

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